Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sewing - Pajama Pants

I recently sewed 2 pair of pajama pants for Little Man.  I used fabric I had just lying around the house and both pairs are perfectly gender neutral so Urban Cowbaby can wear them too.  1 pair came out a bit wonky because, despite the fact I ripped out the elastic twice, the elastic seemed to be measured incorrectly both times.  The result is they are a bit big around the waist and we have to pull them up a lot.  But they're pajama pants so he only has them on for a bit before he goes to bed and they don't seem to bother him when he's sleeping. 

Also, very high on my list of sewing to-dos is to make Little Man 2 pajama shirts using old t-shirts.  I'm going to ask Little Man's Opa if he has any t-shirts he's willing to donate to the cause.  All of Urban Cowboy's shirts are too small as you need an XL size shirt.  I'm also going to solicit donations of old ribbed tanks from a few friends - I just recently cleaned out my collection or I would use one of mine.

Anyway, remember when I made the sweater pillow?  Well, I was left with the sleeves of the sweater and I still haven't thrown them out or repurposed them.  Currently, I'm torn between two options: 1) make them into another pair of pajama pants for Little Man.  I found a few tutorials that make it seem simple/easy but I'm a bit lost on one crucial step so hesitating or 2) make them into 2 rice heat bags with lavendar scent.  The lavendar is from my garden that I brought in and dryed.  So, I guess I'll keep you updated.

Maybe someday I'll even post a pic of Little Man modeling the pj pants.  Hahaha

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yllwdaisies said...

Wow! Pretty impressive. I saw the site for how to make them, & it didn't look easy. I think it's fine that they're a little loose. The site did say that if you made a wide hem, you can let it down as he grows. So, maybe it for best that it's not snug now... ?