Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Man's Conversation

The Little Man is an awesome conversationalist!  He loves to give us moment-by-moment commentary of what's going on around us.  He loves to tell us about all of his imaginings like climbing onto fire trucks with elephants and with monkeys on the ceilings.  Lately, he's been into pretending he's the UPS man and likes to load his truck (our stairs) with packages (various household items and toys) for delivery.  He's an excellent delivery person and even accepts returns.  ;-)

I want to share his 2 best Quotes of 2011:

1. We bring Urban Cowbaby home from the hospital and Little Man checks her out and then says, "She's nice, put her in the closet."

2. We are at a family Christmas party where Santa makes an annual appearance and Little Man has not been a fan of Santa since birth.  Little Man is crying and very upset and keeps repeating, "Santa, Go Away! ... Leave Presents (sob, sniffle, cling) Go away, Santa.  ... Leave Presents."

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Anonymous said...

BAW HAHAHAA! He's so cute. He is an excellent conversationalist too :-)