Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Sew Much To Do

Yesterday evening I spent 1.25 hours repurposing an old sweater into a pillow.  That's right, people, I spent valuable time making a sweater into a pillow for no real reason - ok, that's not true, I made it for several reasons: 1) I'm continuing to do little sewing projects to get myself uber-comfortable with my new sewing machine to build my confidence so I can move onto bigger, more important projects and 2) it was a sweater I am slightly sentimentally attached to and just couldn't pass it on and 3) it was a sweater from the early-90's and, therefore, did not really need to be recirculated into the general population considering how out of fashion it was.  Think Dr. Huxtable meets Iraq War patriotism!  LOL  (see the picture?  well, my sweater was very similar to the blanket shown)  My goal is to do something worthwhile and productive every day until UCB2 is born.  We kick-started it this weekend with making a TON of progress on transforming the guest room into Urban Cowbaby's Big Boy Room.  Tonight?  Maybe I'll begin on the dining room valance project that's been taunting me for months ...

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