Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2nd Time Pregnancy Surprises - Part 2

With 9 weeks left, I give you an updated list of 2nd Time Pregnancy Surprises:
- That elusive surge of energy finally showed up ... about 1/3 of the way through my 3rd trimester.  But nature is playing a cruel trick on me and a wall of tiredness comes crashing down on me about 8pm every night so the level of productivity/accomplishments is still relatively low
- My maternity wardrobe has expanded in this pregnancy due to having friends who had babies between Urban Cowbaby and now.  My friends generosity has really saved me considering that I actually need more casual clothes with this pregnancy because I'm only working 3 days a week.
- I am wholly dissatisfied with how my body looks/feels with this pregnancy.  With Urban Cowbaby I had moments of insecurity but, overall, felt empowered and beautiful in my pregnant body.  With UCB2 I feel fat, sloppy, and lumpy.
- Mentally preparing for birth has been a bit more challenging than I had thought it would be pre-UCB2.  Moving past some residue from the last birth experience has been difficult for me and feeling confident in my ability to be a successful VBAC mama has been a struggle.  I think I'm there now, though I still have my moments of doubt.  I want to have a VBAC ... I CAN have a VBAC.  (I say that to myself a lot as a mini-pep talk!)
- Unlike when I was pregnant with Urban Cowbaby, I have no idea who my baby will be.  Will UCB2 be a baby brother or a baby sister?  I guess we'll find out soon enough!
- In terms of parenting fears, with UCB2 I'm not fearful at all!  Urban Cowboy and I figure Urban Cowbaby was about as difficult as we could get (his little personality and colic issues!) and so UCB2 can bring it on - we've survived the worst and are ready to survive it again!  LOL ... Of course I know Urban Cowbaby wasn't really the worst but, let's be honest folks, he was darned close!  ... LOL
- I'm way more emotional with UCB2 than I was with Urban Cowbaby (and I was really emotional when I was pregnant with Urban Cowbaby!)!  The smallest things can trigger me to cry - this morning, someone asked me what the age difference between the two would be and I got teary eyed over that!  How ridiculous!  Don't even ask how hard I cried watching Oprah the other day when she aired a cattle slaughterhouse segment!  I had to turn off the tv AND I went through at least a 1/2 box of Kleenex!  Not to mention every time we go to church and how weepy I am during the worship service!  Whew, it's tiring.
So, right now that wraps it up in terms of ways I've been surprised with the 2nd Time pregnancy.

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