Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Urban Cowbaby UPDATE

The little man just turned 22 months and here's what he's been up to lately:
 - in bath time he's recently begun to lay on his tummy and kick and play AND he also now enjoys laying back and dipping his hair in the water (previously these two actions made him very nervous - he's been a cautious little guy since birth!)
- he puts together 3 word sentences (and tries for bigger!) ... this weekend he pulled out, "where did it go?', "see you later", and "Happy Birthday Daddy". 
- he is a bit of a tyrant when he doesn't get what he wants BUT we work really hard to keep the boundaries pretty clear so he seems to get over it relatively quickly
- he is always, always looking for trucks ... any kind of truck he can name, we have to constantly look for one when we're driving around (tow, fire, dump, garbage, transporter, tank, back loader, dirt mover, etc...)
- coming in from outside play is like fighting a battle in World War III!!  He acts like we're trying to kill him just to come inside and eat lunch or have nap time!!  I shouldn't laugh but it is so funny how upset he gets over this.
- in music class he is absolutely excelling and he is great at keeping the beat, singing along, requesting songs, and dancing the moves with us.  It's insanely fun to participate in music class with him!  I am so excited for when he'll be big enough for Dalcroze Eurhythmics classes!

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