Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shalalala - Live for Today

Today I love:
- my hair!  During pregnancy my hair actually looks good more than it looks bad which is a total switch from when I'm not pregnant.  I'll be a tiny bit sad when it starts going back to its normal non-pregnant state.
- Sirius radio!  Totally transforms my driving experience!  It's part educational RE: who sang what & when and it's part thrilling to be able to choose the genre I want to listen to in that moment.  Rarely in the old car did I crank it up - but in this car I crank it up all the time!  I'll be sad if/when we don't have Sirius anymore.
- my new piece of furniture!  I wish I had a pic to show you ... the link's been deactivated already ... I did modify it a bit though, to make it more open and it needed a really thorough bath and I need to buy new door hardware for it.  Overall, I think it's going to work for us and I'm super-pleased!
- my husband!  I've been slightly hormonal (read: psychotic) lately and he appears to still love me even after I've had a temper-tantrum over a random thing ... except, Urban Cowboy, if you're reading this, yesterday's tantrum wasn't hormones and it wasn't random, either!  LOL
- blooming daffodils & hyacinths!  Now, if only it could get warm enough for the other flowers to start their thing!
- texting!  I didn't know what I was missing before!
- my garage sale pile!  It's getting bigger and bigger and hopefully I won't have to bring any of it home with me.  I need less stuff to manage, keep organized, or store.
- my sewing machine!  Last weekend I sewed a new bathroom curtain while Urban Cowbay napped his afternoon nap.  Soon, his big boy bedroom curtain fabric will be here and I'll be able to get started on that project.
- my awesome family and friends!  'nuf said and that love is all the time, you know.

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