Monday, April 25, 2011

Leave Ohio? Where to go?

So, let me just say that I pretty much despise the direction the current state government is going and I was (insert sarcasm) oh-so-pleased when I saw Ohio's latest news ($1.4 billion to new business incentives) made the front page of USA Today (online). 

Ok, I get the need to generate excitement and incentives for new businesses to want to be in Ohio.  I get the need to pump up the state economy and population.  What I don't get is how Kasich and his cronies (the entire state government legislature!) can justify the cutting financial support to community pillars and growth centers known as SCHOOLS, EDUCATION EFFORTS & RELATED INSTITUTIONS LIKE LIBRARIES to generate the funds needed for these business incentives.  If we have under or uneducated people residing in Ohio, how will they run successful business ventures?  AND, if there are fewer Ohio natives to run those businesses that means there are fewer employable Ohio natives to hire if outside businesses move into Ohio.  Seems like a lose-lose to me.  There is no justification for the rerouting of our state funds directly from education to new business.

Additionally, the United States(generally speaking) continues to be eager to give up precious farm land for industrial sites and office buildings.  Why?  Are Americans really ready and willing to import the majority of their food from other countries/continents and are we ready and willing to pay the price tag of said imported foods?  Is there no movement to groom future farmers to feed our growing population?  Is there no desire to care about where our food comes from but plenty of energy to complain when it's a) ridiculously expensive and b) has quality or contamination issues?  Will I become a farmer in my second career?  If I wanted to, could I even find decent land in my home state to do so?  Will our children even know that food comes from plants in the ground and that agriculture used to be a driving force of the U.S. economy?  Ohio is one of many states so eager to just give up our available farmland.

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