Monday, May 04, 2009

The Greenhouse Tavern - Part 2

We went to The Greenhouse Tavern on Friday night. I previously posted about my desire to check this place out and all the reasons why I already loved it before we even set foot in the can check that post out here.

Our visit Friday night did not disappoint! In fact, it exceeded expectations and we didn't even sample an entree. First, the space is amazing. It was awesome to see how they incorporated the upcycled materials they acquired. And, the way they have the dining separated into multi-level areas is very intriguing. Urban Cowboy and I want to return to sit in the various sections and enjoy the multiple views the place has to offer. Second, the service was great! For a place that has only been open for about a month, there were no real kinks that we noticed. The place was run like a well-oiled machine and I like that a lot. In fact, it was something I was worried about before we went. Because they're so new I really was expecting the service to be less than satisfactory. Third, and most importantly, the food was really good. We didn't have an entree because we initially went there with a just a snack in mind. Once we were there, though, and saw the menu, we ended up wanting to try a few different dishes. We left stuffed but our taste buds were wholly satisfied! Finally, I found an Ohio restaurant with California attitude and we felt like we were transported back to Napa Valley or San Fransisco! This place is a do-not-miss for anyone in Cleveland or anyone visiting Cleveland! I can't wait to go back! Hopefully, they won't mind Urban Cowbaby tagging along with us & hopefully Urban Cowbaby will be a good little person and not be too much trouble while we're there!

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