Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sucky, sucky

One Tree Hill has succeeded in getting worse with each episode this season! It's so disappointing! Last night was one of the worst episodes of this season which has been bad from the beginning. Word on the internet rumor street was OTH was not being renewed for next season but USA Today reported that they are renewed! The question now is: if they're renewed for next season, how much worse can they get? My bet is it can't get much worse then it is now and OTH will just fizzle out in the "this is crap tv" pile. In fact, OTH has already fizzled out in in the "this is crap tv" pile and I'm only finishing this season because I feel kind-of committed to seeing how they leave it at the season (possibly series) finale. I have no intention of continuing to watch this show and will content myself with watching the good seasons on DVD.

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yllwdaisies said...

I got that way w/ Gray's Anatomy a few years back. It got to a point where I finished the season b/c there were only 2 episodes left. & I haven't gone back since. I feel good about my decision.

I know you really loved that show, but hey... they may put out a much better show. Like "Gilmore Girls" good!