Monday, April 20, 2009

Water Dilemma

I need to drink at least 64oz of water a day. This is not just because doctors everywhere recommend this, this is because if I don't I am very thirsty all the time. In fact, before I got pregnant I was averaging closer to 100+oz of water a day - especially in warmer weather. Now that I'm pregnant, though, it's been more and more difficult for me to reach my minimum 64oz. The 1st trimester resulted in a very strange (and sad) water aversion for me and then as the 2nd and 3rd trimesters have progressed my bladder size has steadily decreased. I am not sure if this can be substantiated medically but I am positive my bladder shrinks daily! So, even though I'm really thirsty and want to drink a lot of water I hesitate to because I am 33.5 weeks pregnant and the kid's head is resting directly on my bladder and it's getting smaller by the day and, honestly, I'm lazy and get tired of walking to the bathroom all the time! I know I need to walk and I can at least count bathroom trips as steps taken through the day but no one likes to spend that much time in the bathroom, especially one that's used by many co-workers and visitors to the building. It's gross. Plus, my pregnant self still isn't over the 1st trimester aversion to the horrible smell of the handsoap in the bathroom and I really like to avoid it when I can. In then end, I leave work really thirsty and I drink a ton of water when I get home which results in me getting up more times in the night which results in less sleep. It's a vicious cycle, people. And, what am I complaining about anyway? I've had a really easy pregnancy (minus the 1st 16 weeks) and soon I'm going to get no sleep anyway. I should just be happy with what I get, right? I should just be happy to be sleeping in increments longer than 1.5 hours and happy that I'm only waking up for a full bladder and not a crying, hungry child. (SIGH) Ok, so I'm done complaining now and I'm going to focus on being grateful for the easy life I currently live and which is soon to end.


yllwdaisies said...

What about hooking up one of those things. What are they called? Catheter?

Is that a pregnancy option?

Urban Cowgirl said...

Oh my! I hear those things are pretty painful ... I definitely do not need one of those - my bladder isn't that small yet! LOL