Monday, May 04, 2009

Your weekend? My weekend...

Our weekend was extremely busy but really productive and fun!

First, we went to see Chekov's The Seagull - which was beautifully performed. We ended the night at The Greenhouse Tavern (see previous post) & I stayed up until midnight! (exciting for someone who is 35.5 weeks pregnant!)

Second, Urban Cowboy rolled our lawn to begin the process (likely, multi-year) of getting the ground evened out. To do this, he first had to cut the grass and it looks fantastic!

Third, I planted my dahlias & donated decorative grass & sedum on Saturday morning. I'm eagerly anticipating the results of that labor.

* Yes, I'm fully aware of my domestic dorkiness. *

Fourth, we made some necessary returns for baby stuff - we only returned duplicates of stuff we received from both the lovely showers we were lucky enough to be recipients of!

Fifth, I had a lovely brunch with a few of my girlfriends. I really treasure the time we carve out for each other and have to chat & catch up!

Sixth, Urban Cowboy ran an AWESOME race this weekend! His goal this season was to run a 5k in 19:00 minutes or less and he ran his race in a 18:42! He rocks! I'm so proud of him because 1) he's worked very hard to achieve this goal and 2) it's really early in the season so he can only get faster from this point! He's amazing!

Seventh, we are now the happy owners of a cradle! I've been desperately seeking a cradle ever since we found out we're pregnant and it's been a lost cause. I had actually given up and begun searching for a bassinet, instead. Well, my step-mom remembered that I had been wanting a cradle and she found a nice one at a garage sale and snatched it up for us! I'm so excited! It was so nice of them to bring it up with them last night, too.

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