Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sale Searcher

I enjoy being a conscientious consumer. Really, I do. I like knowing I'm getting the most value for my money and the purchase decisions I'm making are generally in-line with my lifestyle choices. Urban Cowboy and I are similar consumers with the exception that he's a tad more frugal than I am and he'll more often make purchases which conflict with his lifestyle choices than I will. We also don't share 100% of our lifestyle choices which means when he goes shopping without me he sometimes fails to consider how I feel about a particular purchase, regardless of the great deal we may be getting. Case in point: a few weeks ago I posted about my yogurt preferences and how I really dislike yogurt (all food, really) with artificial sweetener. Well, on Monday night I was glued to the couch watching (and loving!) the season finale of One Tree Hill and Urban Cowboy went to the grocery store, list and corresponding coupons in hand, to shop for the next 2 weeks worth of groceries. He came home with lots of food including yogurt for our lunches. He bought the yogurt he likes (Dannon Zero) and he bought stuff he thought I would like. Except, it says right on the label -it's very visible - that aspartame is one of the ingredients. So, I asked him if he had noticed and he said he had but he figured since it was the last ingredient listed that I wouldn't care. So, I then asked him why I just couldn't go back to my regular yogurt (I like Yoplait original and Dannon Natural) and was informed it's not on sale. Ok, so this is where Urban Cowboy and I majorly differ. I understand the thrill of a great deal, it's very exciting to see your coupon & in-store savings to add up to reduce your grocery bill by 25% or more; however, it's not like we're poor so even if my preferred yogurt isn't on sale, buying it is not going to break us. My preferred yogurt is not going to prevent us from going out with friends or spend a weekend camping or even from purchasing a new couch for the family room. I think, from now on, if I don't go grocery shopping with him I am just going to tell him to get his yogurt and I'll go to the store separately to purchase my yogurt. Clearly, it kills him to actually purchase it full price. I, on the other hand, believe the full price is well worth my daily lunch satisfaction.
I continue to be conflicted about whether or not to continue to eat Yoplait original because many of the flavors have HFCS as an ingredient butit's so yummy and minus the HFCS it really is good for you. I also need to become for conscious of eating yogurt with live cultures to boost my health but seem to forget when I distracted by the myriad of yogurt choices!

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