Thursday, May 15, 2008

369 days

May 12 was our 1st wedding anniversary. We have actually been married for a whole year. I experience so many feelings when I reflect on this first year: excitement, awe, hope. I, in all seriousness, am so grateful to Urban Cowboy for still loving me and wanting to be with me even after living with me and sharing our life for this past year. I know I'm not the easiest person to get along with. I have definitely learned a lot about Urban Cowboy, about myself, and about us since we have been married. I'll share with you the top 5 lessons of my experiences in one year of marriage:

1- I recognize how truly blessed I am because my husband loves me; as much of me as I've shared over the past year which means he really does love the package ... the good, the bad, and the ugly me.

2- Life is fun as a pair and it's fun to be domestic and comfortable (as long as we're not too domestic or too comfortable too much of the time)!

3- Generally speaking, we still want the same things. We want to love each other, to be happy together, and to share in each others successes and failures.

4- I am not very good at compromising or very good at wholly sharing and I need to continue to work to improve these self-aspects.

5- Space from each other and insulating ourselves from others is good but we have to be careful and not allow it to become our standard operating procedure.

We celebrated our 1st year together with a fabulously relaxing weekend in Ohio Wine Country. We spent a wonderful Saturday eating chocolate covered strawberries, visiting vineyards and wineries, and eating a gourmet dinner while enjoying a very expensive and very good bottle of wine we brought back with us from Napa Valley. The weather was so beautiful for sitting on the vineyard patios, soaking up the sun, and tasting Ohio wine. Ohio grapes grow sweeter then other wine-growing regions and it felt a bit like we were drinking dessert the entire afternoon. The hotel we stayed in was beautiful and we even had a lakeside room which had a lovely view of Lake Erie. We may not have gone on a trip for the weekend but it was easy to forget that home wasn't too far away. It really was a perfect weekend and perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

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