Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fun Quote and Weekend Plans

"Time Flies Like An Arrow. Fruit Flies Like Banana." - hahahaha! It cracks me up!

Urban Cowboy and I have a busy weekend, one of the busiest ever (or so it seems)'s the opening weekend to the social season of the year. Fun times on patios and at picnics and general frolicking are sure to abound!

What's on the agenda, you ask?

Friday: I'm off work! (nah-nahny-boo-boo) Ha, I shouldn't gloat too much considering I plan to spend my day working on finishing a few misc. house projects (like spray painting my patio table and cleaning floors) and working in the yard - weather permitting. HOWEVER, Friday night is going to be great because Urban Cowboy and I got tickets to the ballgame for cheap, cheap, cheap but we scored totally awesome seats! Woohoo!

Saturday: Finish cleaning, with Urban Cowboy's help, and go to the market to pick up food for our Sunday cook out. Then, our friends from Cinci-tucky are coming up for a concert so when the concert's over we're going to hang out and have dinner. AND they're spending the night so "Urban Cowgirl's Extended Closet" will officially become the "Guest Room" because we finally are going to have overnight guests! Yea! One of our guests is 7 months pregnant, though, so I doubt it'll be a long crazy night, you know what I'm saying? ... I wonder if they play Euchre?

Sunday: Breakfast with our Cinci-tucky friends and ANOTHER ballgame! Cheap and not-so- good seats but still super-fun! Who doesn't love peanuts and hot dogs? After the game, Cinci-tucky friends are leaving (boo, but we understand it's a long drive) but local friends are coming over for a holiday weekend cookout. Hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, assorted food brought by friends, various drinks and, for me, Mike's Hard Lime. It's gonna be a great time...oooo, I just got a few lines for the picnic poem contest I'm entering... and we're going to have a fire and s'mores, too! I can't wait! Now, Sunday is likely going to be a late night since no one has to work on Monday and, I think I mentioned this, I'm drinking Mike's Hard Lime. (eek! what if I actually get brave enough to have kids some day? I won't be able to drink very much Mike's or wine while I'm pregnant. well, that's a depressing thought, eh.)

Monday: Recover from Sunday and go to my sister's for my nephew's birthday. He was born on May 28 so his birthday is almost always on Memorial Day weekend. He's 6 this year. Wow. He's also a little pissant (who I love lots!) and I give my sis props for, you know, loving him and caring for him 24/7. heehee Maybe, if I'm feeling a bit crazy, I'll even swing by my 'rents to say hi and visit with them. I guess it depends on how well the recovery goes. LOL

So, I hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll report back RE: Memorial Day Fun next week!

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