Tuesday, January 17, 2012


- I got a Kindle for Christmas ( thank you, Urban Cowboy) and I really like it.  I've noticed 2 things about it  1) when I type I get very frustrated and until recently didn't know why...it's because the "typepad" (it's not a touch screen) is in A-Z order vs. like a traditional keyboard.  Duh - took me a month to figure that out.  2) I love, love, love having a dictionary at my fingertips!

- I can't figure out why the religious background/standing of our potential presidential candidates matters.  I mean, seriously, if we elect a Mormon does that mean we'll all be sujected to "Mormon-ism".  No and, frankly, people are dumb.  I mean, isn't there a lot more important news to report on than this?  And, while I'm on the topic of politics, again, I have to point out that there is a lot of important stuff going on in the world and I cannot, cannot, cannot figure out why the potential presidential candidates still qualify the abortion issue as important in the "big, national picture."  Just leave it alone already.

- My conversation with my boss went as well as expected.  We have agreed to only go up and be positive from here on out.  No, I have not told her my intentions for the end of the school year - I think I need to sit on it a bit longer to a) repair/rebuild our relationship for a positive parting and b) improve my chances for staying on in some type of reduced-hours, specialized capacity.

- Urban Cowbaby is the queen of the army crawl and she's ridiculously fast!  One second she's on the carpet, the next she's trying to eat the heating vent.  LOL  It's tough to keep up, honestly.  Little Man is doing a great job potty training!  We're very proud of him.

- I thought I accepted the imperfections of the one pair of pj pants I made for Little Man but, alas, it is not true.  Two nights ago I ripped the waistband apart and plan to repair over the weekend.  I will get this right.

- Sirius Radio is rocking my world again. I found a new channel, LaughUSA, that entertains me on the way home from work.  Sometimes I'm laughing so hard that I'm sure people driving by me think I'm a lunatic.

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yllwdaisies said...

I'm glad to hear about the laughing. I'm sure it helps put you out of the work (stress) mindset, & into the home (love & smiles) mindset!