Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Baby Jesus Theme

Yesterday evening I was playing with the Little Man and we were playing with one of his wooden puzzles.  He hands me a puzzle piece which happens to be a Duck in a Bathtub and says, "here, Mama, hold Baby Jesus".  Ok, a little weird (I know) but I just go with it.  A few moments go by and Little Man takes the Duck in a Bathtub (aka Baby Jesus) back and says, "Baby Jesus is in the manger Mama" and he proceeds to place the puzzle piece in its correct home.  At this point, I decide to join in this themed play and pick up a Puppy Catching a Frisbee puzzle piece and I ask, "Little Man, is this one of the Wise Men visiting Baby Jesus?"  Little Man responds with, "No, Mama, that's a dog."  Well, of course it is ... silly me.  LOL

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