Thursday, June 09, 2011

Urban Cowbaby ... 2 days from 2 years

In 2 days, Urban Cowbaby will be 2 years old.  It's hard to believe how quickly the time has flown by and how much he has changed since that first day when we held him in our arms and looked into his eyes.  Our little man is the most amazingly smart, sweet, enjoyable person I know.  I know you think I think he's perfect and, truly, he's perfectly him and that's what I love the most. 
What should you know about Urban Cowbaby at 2?  You should know:
- He's wickedly smart.  The other day he was talking to me about a topic in a book we had from the library about 2 months ago!  You only have to talk about something once for him to remember it and use it in context later.  He is very motivated and dedicated to figuring out how things work - he can spend a long time on one activity or examining one thing while he works it out in his little head.  His command of language is astounding and I love how he is interested in everything around him!  His memory is so sharp it's slightly disconcernting at times - I'm not looking forward to teenage arguments with him if his memory stays this good.  Heehee
- He's so healthy!  The doctor is really pleased with his weight/height ratio and pleased with his diet and eating habits.  He's only had 2 colds and 1 bout of tummy flu in his little life and has never been on antibiotics or any type of prescription medication. 
- He laughs and laughs and laughs ... deep belly laughs and little giggles ... when something really amuses him.  But, know this, you have to work to amuse him.  He doesn't just give away his laughs.
- He's still cautious in personality and mistrustful of people and environments he doesn't know well.
- He loves books and loves to read them with you.  He loves anything with wheels but, right now, he's particularly enamoured with construction-related vehicles. 
- He has curly hair!  It took 24 months but the curls finally started showing up!  Right on schedule, too, according to my mom who tells me that's about when my curls began to appear.
- He still gets a little sad when the babysitter walks in the door and mama or daddy walks out.  He loves his mama and daddy best of anyone else in the whole wide world and gives us the sweetest hugs and kisses everyday. 
Somedays, I wonder how my heart can hold so much love for him.  It's impossible to count how many times I have looked over at him, or been in a hug with him, or watched him playing and wonder to myself how it's possible for my heart to not burst from the immensity of the love I feel for him!
Happy Birthday, Urban Cowbaby!

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