Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That's So Rude

Look, people, I wasn't going to post about this but, honestly, it's been eating me up and I just have to get it off of my chest.  It is unbelievable the level of rudeness people allow themselves when interacting with an obviously pregnant woman.  Would you approach an obese individual and make a comment to them about their size?  Would you ask someone with Lupus if they were missing a mirror when doing their make-up that morning?  NO.  Yet, over the weekend, as I was literally within 48 hours of my official due date, I was approached by two separate strangers and one family member, hours and days apart, who felt it necessary to 1) comment on my size as a pregnant woman - all going so far as to ask me if I am expecting twins and 2) to follow up their initial rudeness with additional comments about how they were not that big as pregnant women or how big the baby must be in there, etc.  Now, I don't look like I am only 20 weeks pregnant and I know this.  I look exactly like a woman looks when she's about ready to give birth any day.  I am uncomfortable, I am tired, I am impatient and I have no tolerance for this type of abuse from people.  The first individual simply got a sarcastic "thank you for pointing it (my hugeness) out" from me with a tight smile.  The second lady got a "that's not a nice thing to say to an pregnant woman" reply.  The third person got a glare and I completely ignored them and walked away to avoid saying something I might regret later.  Really, though, what I wanted to do was punch all those people in the face.  So, as you run into random (or not) pregnant women throughout your life, please be mindful of how they might be feeling insecure or unhappy or uncomfortable in their very obviously pregnant bodies and do not, I repeat, DO NOT make them feel worse by saying rude and insensitive things to them.

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Suzi Kay said...

Wow, what a post. I disagree with your response to glare and walk way. I am a firm subscriber to "do unto others" so I assume they want a rude response. Oh, so many examples come to my mind!
Take care - I think Father's Day is good delivery day. It will give you an option of celebrating his/her birthday on June 19 or makre it a floating birthday always on the 3rd Sunday in June.