Monday, May 23, 2011


I was driving home from my parents yesterday afternoon and spotted a lawn filled with Little Tikes toys - they were placed out by the road as if they were garbage.  I drove by and thought, "wow, I wonder if they're selling those toys?' and I drove a bit more and told myself I'd be a fool if I didn't go back and check it out to see the prices.  I turn around and park at the end of the driveway and realize these toys are being GIVEN AWAY.  Yes, people, they were FREE to anyone who wanted them!  Yea!  Now, it was clear they've been stored in a barn for quite some time and they desperately needed a bath but each item on that lawn was in excellent condition, nothing broken, no cracks, not even a hole in a wheel or anything!  I spent 15 minutes trying mulitple configurations to get both the shopping cart (above pic) and the car (below pic) into my car but despite the large cargo area I couldn't swing it because I had the jogging stroller with me.  Arghh!  I decided to take the shopping cart as it is what would fit and call my parents and beg a favor to have them come get the car.  This was a bit risky, I might add, because I was already a good 15 min. away from my parents and it was quite possible they couldn't get there in time if someone else came by with the same thoughts as me!  Luckily, my mom did get there in time and now Urban Cowbaby is going to be ECSTATIC when he realizes he's the proud, new owner of his very own car!  He was playing on one of these things on Saturday and was completely obsessed!  He's going to love having one at our house!  Already, he's in love with his little shopping cart and spent yesterday afternoon pushing around a spare newspaper and his water cup!  Too cute!  Ah, yes, I am a shameless garbage picker but it was so worth it to get good quality toys, in good condition, for FREE!  3 cheers for continued use of a perfectly good item vs. clogging a landfill!
PS - I hope some other lucky person/family scored on the art table and picnic table that were also being given away and were in excellent condition!

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