Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some Do's & Don'ts

DO - Wear sunscreen! It's that time of year, people! I even keep a little tube in my desk drawer for when my co-workers and I eat lunch outside. (Apply at least a 1/2 hour before going out for maximum effectiveness!)

DON'T - Give stranger kids toys in the store! This happened to me the other day and I was PISSED. Some random old-ish lady just came right up to Urban Cowbaby and handed him a teddy bear and then made some stupid comment like, "oh, sorry, mama - now you'll have to buy it for him." Um, no you stupid you-know-what, now YOU have to buy it for him. In the end it worked out and Urban Cowbaby was pleased as punch to have me trade him a pack of pipe cleaners for the teddy bear but, still, what the hell!? and why would that woman do that!?

DO - Look forward to all the fun things to do in the summer! Here's my short list: being outside, going to Blossom, Wade Oval Wednesdays, the zoo, swimming, grilling, gardening, patio/porch dining, driving with the sunroof open, popsicles multiple times a day, fires in the evenings ... oh - I said short list, huh?

DON'T - Tell your midwife how displeased you are with your pregnancy weight gain...she will just laugh at you. Maybe that's just my midwife, though? hahaha Also, don't hesitate to question why your health care provider wants you to do something or put you on a medication. It's your body/health, it's your job to ask.

DO - Appreciate all the many positive people and things you have in your life. Take a moment every day to say "thank you" and really mean it.

DON'T - Cry in a job interview. It's not professional and you'll be perceived as a nut job. This actually happened at my job! We were interviewing a candidate and she started the answer with "I'm totally prepared and comfortable to answer this question..." and then she dissolved into tears! Instead of excusing herself for a moment, she just attempted to answer the question through her crying! It was ludicrous! The worst part, in my opinion, is that I was the one that asked the question that triggered the tears!

DO - Give your kid(s) 1000+ kisses and hugs a day (as long as they'll let you!) because it's good for their soul and yours!

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