Thursday, May 26, 2011

2nd Time Pregnancy Surprises - Part 2

1. The word "exhaustion" doesn't even begin to cover how I tired I feel on a now daily basis.  Yet, caffeine is my enemy because if I consume whatever my body deems as too much, I am unable to rest and recover some energy for the next day.  (sigh)
2. It is impossible, in my opinion, for my skin to stretch any further across my abdomen - if it does manage to somehow stretch more, it will surely just rip apart and I will need surgery to repair.  As is, my abdomen is so stretched at this point that I will need to work more hours to pay for the cosmetic surgery I will need to be presentable to myself post-baby.
3. I felt connected to Urban Cowbaby in-utero but I feel 10x's more connected to this one.  Possibly this is because I've been there/done that so I have a better sense of realistic expectations?
4. People care as much about this baby & pregnancy as they did Urban Cowbaby.  I figured since it was the 2nd one, and so close to the first, that people would be less interested or excited.  Not true.
5. I desperately want to keep up with the house chores by tiredness prevents me and the end result is stress.   I hate looking around the house thinking, "I need to do that, I need to do this, How did this get like that?", etc.  It's stressful and disheartening.
6. Urban Cowbaby is excited about the baby and has a good grasp on the fact a baby is coming to live with us soon!  I am surprised by this because I thought he might end up being a bit oblivious and not comprehend too much regarding why mama's body is changing or why the house was being changed.  Of course, we've worked hard to inform him and have had the help of some FABULOUS books from the library.  All thanks to the advice of my very wise and kind sister-in-law. 

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