Monday, March 07, 2011

Urban Cowbaby Loves Hockey

In true fashion for a son of Urban Cowboy and being a member of Urban Cowboy's family, Urban Cowbaby already loves hockey.  Sometimes he randomly will request to see hockey - he seems to have the expectation that whenever he wants to see something specific he can demand it of us through either the camera or tv.  He's usually disappointed.  LOL  Anyhoo...
On Friday, we took him with us to the hockey game and he seemed to get a kick out of it.  He particularly enjoyed Sully the Seagull (mascot) and the zamboni machines (he calls them ice trucks).  On Saturday, he and I were chatting and this is a verbatim account of part of the conversation:
Urban Cowbaby: Hockey
Mama: Yes, we went to the hockey game yesterday.
Urban Cowbaby: Guys
Mama: Yes, we saw guys playing hockey, didn't we?
Urban Cowbaby:  Boo-Boo
Mama: Yes, the players did get some boo-boos.
End Scene
LOL  How hilarious is this?  My kid equated the hockey players with getting injured!! 
Not only is this really funny to me, it makes me realize how much he is capable of understanding and processing inside his head even if he can't fully articulate it yet. 
Damn, we're in trouble when the sentences begin!  Hahaha

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