Thursday, March 03, 2011

L.L. Bean's Water Hog - PRODUCT RAVE

About a month ago I purchased the Water Hog entryway mat from L.L. Bean.  This is a product I had been watching for about 6 months to decide if I wanted to shell out $30 for a piece of rug for our back entry way...seems to me like $30 is a lot when, previously, I had been spending somewhere between $7 & $15 for rugs for the back door.  I read almost every review available through the L.L. Bean's website and a few from some other websites and the basic consensus was this is the best entryway mat you could ever purchase.  Finally, I decided to just do it.  Did I get sucked in by the hype and was I ultimately disappointed?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  This damn rug is the best $30 house purchase I have ever, ever made!  It is worth every penny and, honestly, I would even consider paying more considering how happy I am with this product.  What do I love about it?  Everything ... but I'll share a few details with you: 1) it is a dirt magnet!  Seriously, people, it traps dirt like nothing else I've ever seen, 2) it absorbs a tremendous amount of water and the "fabric" (is that what it is?) keeps dry on top so your feet don't get wet unless it's really, really soaked.  Since we live in NEO, I value this attribute considering the amount of snow/slush that we track into our house on our boots!, 3) it cleans easily - a couple swipes of the vacuum and voila! it looks like new.  According to the product description, you can also hose it off but the weather hasn't been nice enough for me to try that out yet.  Overall, I wholly recommend this product to anyone looking for a workhorse entryway mat that can stand up to NEO winters.  2 thumbs up to L.L. Bean's Water Hog mat!

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