Monday, November 29, 2010

Wii, Wii, Wii - All the Way Home

If you know us, you know we fall more in the "delayed gratification" crowd than we do the "instant gratification" crowd.  And, if you know us, you know we rarely have the most recent and latest and greatest gadgets!  So, just this week we finally caved and purchased a Wii.  Now, this is not a new Wii - in fact, it's a (minimally) twice-before owned Wii so it's not as though we spent 3 hours in the freezing cold waiting in line outside some big box store on Black Friday dying in anticipation of this purchase.  The catalyst for our Wii purchase was simply being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right person. 
And, I just have to tell you, it's money well spent!!!  I think we've already got our money's worth out of it just by laughing our heads off with our family and friends over Thanksgiving weekend!  Not to mention, we can stream Netflix movies through our Wii and that is practically a stand alone reason for us to love it and be so happy with our purchase.
I have to tell you my favorite thing about our Wii experience, thus far: I love that it was previously owned by our friends and we get to hang out (in Wii land) with our friends whenever we want.  It's hilarious to be bowling and see our friends playing on the next lane or to see Urban Cowboy's dad watching a ping-pong match.  Hilarious, I tell you!  Oh, and I also love that I beat Urban Cowboy in Wii Golf a few times - the glory was short lived because now he kicks my butt but it's nice to know that I did beat him a few times!  LOL
Yes, people, that is the most exciting thing going on in our lives right now.  Ok, well the most exciting that I'll share with you because I'm sure you don't want to be bored with details of the in-progress kitchen renovation project.  Also, I realize it's been awhile (again) since I've written and that's because I don't want this to be all about the kid and, lately, it's been all about the kid on my end.  ;-)
Later 'gators!

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