Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brand Name Poop

One truth and tired cliche about parenting is the fact that you will engage in an almost daily conversation with your partner and/or child's caregiver about your kid's poop.  Daily poop conversations are both thrilling and intellectually stimulating.  (insert sarcasm here)  And the conversation goes something like this: Parent1 "Did the kid poop today?" Parent 2 "Yep and ... insert poop details here" Parent 1 "Really, was there a lot?" and it goes on and etc.  Why the hell am I sharing this with you?  Well, because I can't resist telling you a funny story about the kid and his poop today (a few posts ago I mentioned this blog was morphing into the Urban Cowbaby showcase, right?).
Somehow one of us (the parents) accidentally left a pack of mini-Butterfinger candy bars in a location (the kitchen table) where Urban Cowbaby could use the corner of the newspaper to pull the candy bars closer to himself and into his little baby hands.  I was making his lunch and prior to realizing he had the Butterfingers he had been playing with an advert from the newspaper so the crinkling of paper wasn't something I was unprepared to hear.  A few moments go by and I realize the crinkle of paper has ceased and Urban Cowbaby is standing still with his back to me.  I leave his lunch preparations to check out what he's into and see he has chocolate all over his face and hands and has stuffed a candy bar, wrapper and all, into his mouth!  Oh no!  So, I quickly remove the Buttefingers from his reach and take away the wrapper but he absolutely will NOT let me take the actual candy bits out of his mouth (smart kid, really).  Ok, at this point I think it's funny because it wasn't his fault the Butterfingers were left someplace he could potentially access them.  Here's where the poop comes in ... I tell Urban Cowboy today about yesterday's Butterfinger incident and we laughed about it and moved on ... until Urban Cowboy changes Urban Cowbaby's diaper this evening where he discovered an intact, logo visible, piece of a Butterfinger wrapper!  Bwahahahaha!  So, it's a damn good thing I had told him about it and wasn't trying to keep the kid's candy consumption a secret because my kid pooped out a piece of incriminating evidence - literally!  My kid pooped out Brand Name Poop!  It's hilarious!

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