Monday, December 13, 2010

18 months and the TOP TEN

Happy Christmas, everyone!

Have you been wondering about Urban Cowbaby's latest accomplishments?  No?  Well, I'll tell you anyway...heehee  Here's the top 10 of what he's been up to lately:
1) officially taught himself to climb up on couches/chairs - including dining room chairs - nothing is safe anymore!  LOL
2) he pretends to feed his little stuffed/play friends and it's too cute
3) when he's playing with the little people house at the G'Rents he makes water noises while he pretends one of the people is taking a bath or washing their hands
4) he desperately wants to wash his hands like a big boy!  It's time for a little stool in the bathroom. 
5) he repeats (or tries) most everything we say!  If we weren't already being careful, we certainly have to be careful now!
6) he is learning manners and signs please/thank you - right now, he largely has to be prompted but we're trying to steer him away from the "I want" "gimme, gimme" that he seemed to naturally start doing.  He can't be as demanding as me, right!  LOL
7) he almost hops (he thinks he's hopping but he's a fraction of second away from actually executing a proper hop)
8) he's started to throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way :-(  Boo.
9) he is in a daddy phase and wants to be with him all the time - it's adorable!  Plus, daddy makes him laugh the best and longest!
10) when we turn down a certain street that takes us to the closest set of G'Rents, he knows where we are/where we're headed and starts yelling Yea! and clapping and says, over and over, Opa! Opa! (German for Grandpa)

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