Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So much to say...so little time...this is all about the kid

What's new with you?  Not much here - all of our energy is pretty much focused on Urban Cowbaby and his AMAZING accomplishments.  He learns new things and demonstrates new skills on a daily basis!  And (drum roll, please) he's a GENIUS!  Here is a short list of Urban Cowbaby's latest progress (top 10):
1- he now has 14 teeth; #s 13 & 14 just appeared within the last week or so
2- his signing vocabulary is pretty good and he knows the following signs: all done, more, eat, bath, flower, shoes, outside, hat, time (we don't know what he thinks it means, though!), our homemade version of "God Bless You" (for when you sneeze), and I'm sure more signs will come along in their own time
3- he puts himself to sleep like a champ!  after a year of sleep-deprivation misery he finally does 2 awesome things: a) he lets us know when he wants to go to bed (most nights) and b) he doesn't need us to fall asleep, he waves bye-bye and we leave the room and he lays down and goes to sleep.  It's practically a miracle!  Ok, not really, our doctor told us all along that we would see this at about 1 year and that's exactly when it started. 
4- he understands everything we say, even our "how to achieve world piece" discussions!  Did I mention GENIUS?
5- he loves to dance and, what's more, the other day when we were riding in the car he was singing along to a violin concerto!!!  I couldn't even make that up, people!
6- in case you didn't already know, he's walking, running, climbing machine!  It's a busy day every day as we try to keep up with him
7- in keeping with his GENIUS status, he knows "how to use" a key to unlock a door!
8- he still doesn't like green beans - I wonder if this is genetic because his C-town G'Ma doesn't like them either!  :-)
9- he's afraid of anything that is furry and has 4 legs...yes, this includes squirrels
10- in the swimming pool, he loves to kick his legs like he's really swimming and he has no fear of putting his face down in the water!

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