Monday, June 28, 2010


Whew.  I've seriously been MIA from the digital world these days.  Me and Urban Cowbaby have been enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer and being on the computer hasn't been much of a priority.  Consequently, my weekly CSA updates have not occurred.  So, here are the highlights:

- we like collard & mustard greens with bacon and onions
- we can't eat as many green onions as they give us
- free-range, pastured raised brown eggs do taste better than grocery store eggs
- I like cherries but not enough to eat 4lbs in 2 weeks (we gave some away to our parents)
- we like kale but think it's only because we cooked it in a way to detract from the actual flavor of the kale (LOL)
- local cheese is yummy cheese
- beer can chicken is interesting and kind-of fun to cook
Basically, our CSA subscription has been totally awesome!  We are really enjoying the huge variety of foods we receive and enjoying trying new recipes.  I will say that we do have to work hard to eat it all in a timely fashion because we're only 2.5 people and our freezer does have a few items we had to freeze to not waste.

In other news, Urban Cowbaby turned 1 year old.  The party was great - we had so much help from our dear friends and family to help us make it a success.  As always, everyone's generous spirits blew us away!  Urban Cowbaby received a mountain of fabulous and fun gifts!  What are some of Urban Cowbaby's recent talents?  Well, he's a walker (started about a week before his birthday), he's eating all sorts of new foods like cheese and lime popsicles (healthy version,of course), he is getting very independent and even pushes us away sometimes so he can do thing on his own, he can show you where his head and ears are and where your nose is, and he's progressively sleeping in longer stretches at night which is really helping his parents out!
That's it for now - I'm out until the next time I have a spare 15 minutes and use it to spend time on the computer. 

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