Thursday, August 26, 2010

The CSA Update and Misc. Domestic Goddess Observations

You all know we joined a CSA this summer and you know from previous posts (and in-person conversations) that it's been a really fun, often challenging, culinary adventure.  We have learned a lot about our tastes and have developed new loves for foods we didn't know it was possible to love (e.g. squash or yellow plums).  If you are considering a CSA keep the following in mind: a) know you will waste some - I think it's inevitable - b) be committed to not wasting any at all and your waste will be minimized, c) know you will be forced to break out of your eating comfort zone and be positively open-minded about trying new foods or new ways to eat foods, d) share! - we have been a bit guilty of not doing this enough, e) learn to preserve "leftover" produce for fall/winter use - this also helps minimize the waste!
Two nights ago I made banana bread completely from scratch for the first time.  I always mean to do this but we never seem to have enough "bad" bananas in the house and most banana bread recipes call for about 5 over-ripe bananas and bananas don't last long enough in our house for me to amass that many!  So, we had bananas at a work event and they didn't get eaten so I brought them home ... in fact, I only had 3 but a co-worker suggested I make up the difference with apple sauce.  Well, we haven't eaten any of it yet, but I have to say, it smells and looks just like everyone else's banana bread.  I'm hopeful it's yummy too!  Then, the next day, I also made a peach cobbler from scratch.  Apparently, I'm the only person in the world who a) doesn't know how to peel a peach, and b) doesn't own any bisquick.  I used Paula Deen's recipe since I was sans bisquik and I think it turned out ok.  It was seriously labor intensive, though!  Prepping the peaches was its own job and then I also didn't have any self-rising cake flour so I had to create the equivalent substitute.  Whew.  Hopefully, the recipient enjoyed the end result because I made it as a thank you "present:".  One another thing to note regarding both the banana bread and peach cobbler, they're both really, really fattening!  These were not caloric lightweights, let me tell you.  I think I'll reserve both recipes for special occasions when we want to splurge a bit.

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