Saturday, April 10, 2010

Uncle Jack - A great man

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer:
SPEIDEL JOHN "JACK" M. SPEIDEL, age 90. Beloved husband of Shirley; loving father of Howard (Judy), John (Amy) and Barb (Jeff) Nagle; dear grandfather of Beth, Nate, Ron, Connie, Ben, Josh and Brad; great-grandfather of Benjamin, Michael, Shon, Shayla and Lincoln. Survived by his sister, Madeline.
My Great-Uncle Jack passed away on Thursday. We're all so sad. He and my Aunt Shirley had been married for 63 years. 63 years! Can you even imagine being married to someone that long? It's amazing and so admirable.  Aunt Shirley will be very lonely without him. Also, my Uncle Jack was an Army Chaplain in WWII - he was a pacifist but still felt compelled to serve his country during the War.  He was a quiet man and he was so smart and caring and spiritual.  Truly, he was one of the greatest men I have been privileged to know.

My Gram is now the only remaining sibling out of 9 children. I hope she's not too terribly lonely without my Uncle Jack. They were only 1 year apart in age and, so, were very good friends.


Goodbye, Uncle Jack, we miss you already. :-(

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