Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

A bit of this ... I do love living in a town that's actually nationally renowned for it's excellent healthcare.  I've recently been experiencing some problems with nursing Urban Cowbaby due to his 8 teeth and, luckily, we live in a town where one of only 8 or 10 M.Ds (nationally) with a specialization in lactation practice.  I saw the doc yesterday and she made my life so much better in only 45 minutes!  And, I was also feeling very grateful that I have health insurance because, if I didn't have health insurance, there's no way I could afford to see her!  (that's just a sidebar 'cause healthcare and insurance is on everyone's minds these days due to the gov't).
A bit of that ... Lately, Melt, a local restraunt, has been getting a lot of attention due to the fact they're opening an East Side location in a few weeks and the result of this attention is my sudden desire to eat there.  We've eaten at the West Side location so it's not as though I'm a total newbie to the menu but the menu focuses almost exclusively on "gourmet" or "non-traditional" grilled cheese sandwiches so since I'm back on the dairy train (moderately) I'm itching for a gluttonous grilled cheese experience!  :-)
A bit of this ... In the next few months I'm going to become a runner's widow again.  I'm totally cool with this because 1) Urban Cowboy is a much, much happier person when he's able to be in a regular workout regimen, 2) we're planning on buying a jogging stroller ASAP and if Urban Cowbaby goes with Urban Cowboy on his runs - well, let's just say I'm excited at the prospect of a 1/2 hour or hour by myself!  Maybe I'll even workout during that time? Or clean? Or watch One Tree Hill? Or ... oh, the possibilities are endless!  Urban Cowboy is going to be training for The People's Marathon which is in Washington D.C on October 31.
A bit of that ... (totally random, here) I am really upset with Target and the inconsistency with which they execute their "bring your own bags, receive a $.05 discount off your bill" policy.  In fact, I've become so upset that, twice now, I have taken my receipt to the service desk and demanded they refund my $.05 because I brought my own bag and the cashier told me the particular bag I was using did not qualify.  Um, hell no.  The policy does not state that a specific type of bag has to be used, it simply states that I qualify for the discount if I bring my own bag.  So, now, every time they give me a hard time over it, I'm going to give them a hard time.  I know it seems ridiculous to do this over $.05 but it's not just about the money to me, I bring my own bag because I feel it's the right thing to do as a responsible consumer AND I just happen to also want to benefit from receiving a discount if it's being offered.

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