Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows I like cows.  Not only do I think they're adorable and I love to pet and cuddle them (my experience is largely with dairy cattle so I'm not sure I like to pet and cuddle beef cattle) I also like to consume them.  I like steak and roast beef and prime rib, etc.  I really, really like milk.  Mmmm...milk - so yummy and refreshing.  Lately, I've been missing milk and today, for some reason, I'm particularly sad that I can only have little bits of dairy intake at a time and not every day.  I miss my glass of milk with dinner and I miss pizza. A lot. Urban Cowbaby doesn't like me to eat too much dairy so I have been cheeseless (mostly), ice creamless (completely), sour creamless (completely), and even egg nogless (unless you count my soy nog indulgence) since he was about 7 weeks old.  And yesterday he turned 7 months old.  Maybe that's not too long to some but to a true all-things-dairy lover, it seems like forever.  Here's to looking forward and hoping that when Urban Cowbaby turns 1 he and I will both be able to drink milk and eat cheese and yogurt!

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