Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's New?

A list of Urban Cowbaby's recent accomplishments:

- gives kisses
   (in reciprocation only, though, and you have to make the "mmmwah!" noise - haha)
- waves bye-bye
   (mostly to himself as he has not yet figured out how to turn his hand around - heehee)
- crawls
   (but not too far and he hasn't figured out crawling is a means to an end - thank goodness!)
- rolls from point a to point b
   (mostly this is done to get to anything paper or to get to tv remotes or cell phones - Urban Cowboy does
   not condone babies eating either remotes or cell phones)
- babbles all the time and sometimes says things like "mama" and "yaya" but not necessarily like he means it
- eating solids ...  his favorites so far: prunes (yes, it's true) and carrots
- tolerates car rides and actually now falls asleep in the car a lot of times
- squawking with displeasure when we take something he wants (but shouldn't have) away

A list of Urban Cowbaby's continued accomplishments (or somethings - not all can be classified as accomplisments, per se. LOL):

- babysitter killing (it's, like, his favorite sport)
- extreme separation anxiety (this kid seems to refuse to believe that parents do, indeed, come back)
- showing off his adorable dimples and 2 bottom teeth when he smiles at us
- not sleeping through the night (much to the detriment of the well-being of Urban Cowboy)
- cuddling with me
- giggling at the craziest things (like when I make buzzing noises or when Urban Cowboy carries him
  over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes!)

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