Monday, November 30, 2009

Mashed Poatoes

So, for those of you who don't know ... I'm a breastfeeding mom.  I'm telling you this because I have to give some background to provide clarification for the title of today's post.  As a breastfeeding mom, I have to watch what I eat because Urban Cowbaby strongly dislikes certain foods I consume and which he then consumes second-hand through me.  One of those foods is anything DAIRY.  Yes, my dairy loving self ... my glass of milk with every meal, chocolate milk for snacks, sour cream and cheese loving, and ice cream enjoying self ... is restricted to minimal dairy consumption.  Ideally, it should be zero consumption but, frankly, I find that to be completely impossible.  I do, however, work to minimize my consumption; therefore, I wanted Urban Cowbaby to be a in a good mood for all the holiday festivities and family gatherings planned for the weekend so I went out of my way to avoid dairy.  I didn't even have any pumpkin pie this year!  I also only had the tiniest amount of "real" mashed potatoes on Turkey day.  Let's just say that was a real bummer and I was really craving an adult sized portion of mashed potatoes - sometimes a girl needs to get her fix.  Then, a lightbulb went off!  Goat's milk!  My dear friend had to avoid dairy for a while and she learned all the dairy alternative tricks and one of them is goat's milk.  (She also recently turned me on to Almond Milk - so much better than soy!)  She directed me to Dave's Supermarket where I purchased a can of goat's milk and went on my merry way to prepare dinner for some friends coming over on Friday evening.  I used the goat's milk to make my mashed potatoes and the end result was Fab-U-Lous!  Oh, so yummy!  If you're looking for a bit of different flavor to your favorite mashed root vegetable, I wholly recommend goat's milk.  That's it for today.  That's my PSA for goat's milk consumption.  You, too, will enjoy it if you try it.

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