Thursday, December 03, 2009

The weekend is coming...

It's the holiday season and, boy, are we busy.  I think every weekend day has something major planned from now untill after the New Year.  Eegats.  Ok, a few of the planned activities are devised by me so I can't be too upset but that doesn't make us any  less busy.  Let's look at this weekend:
Friday - Burning River Brass concert ... I've ALWAYS wanted to see them in concert and this year it's going to happen!  I'm so excited!
Saturday - Urban Cowboy's work party ... I'm only going to dinner, Urban Cowboy will stay late and will likely come home in a fog of Christmas Ale happiness.
Sunday - kid party w/ Santa for Eastern Stars ... this is tradition and my mom really wants us to go, hopefully it will be fun and Urban Cowbaby won't freak out from the crowd and from Santa.

A question? As new parents, Urban Cowboy and I are struggling with how to effectively manage our time to get things done.  Example: Christmas tree assembly/decoration.  How do parents do it?

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