Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been a LONG TIME!

I had really good intentions of updating my blog at least monthly after the birth of Urban Cowbaby.  In fact, I wanted to actually write a monthly update about all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things I'm learning about motherhood and to keep people informed of Urban Cowbaby's accomplishments.  They say good intentions pave the path to hell...No, I think that's a cliche for a different type of good intention.  Anyway, here we are - one day away from Urban Cowbaby's 5 month birthday and I haven't updated my blog since he was just under 2 months old!  The time really does fly by!  My pre-mom naivety of how well I could manage my time stemmed from over-estimation of my own abilities and under-estimation of the demands of my child.  So, without further ado, I present you with an abbreviated summary of the past 3 months within the format of BOOS and BRAVOS:

BRAVO: Urban Cowbaby rolled over very early (according to the baby books), broke 2 teeth very early (according to the baby books AND our peditrician), and is already sitting up on his own (if you put him into that position - LOL).  * He also recently began to get up on his hands and knees!  Uh-oh, we better start baby proofing! *

BOO: Urban Cowbaby has chewed up and spit out 2 different babysitters.  He likes to make life complicated for his mama and daddy.

BRAVO: Breastfeeding really does help new moms lose weight - well, at least this new mom - it helps that I have a kid that likes to constantly be in motion (but not in a car) thus pumping up the calorie burn.

BOO: Urban Cowbaby qualifies as a "high-need" baby which translates to a fussy lil' mo fo.  LOL  But, somehow, even when he's at his worst I still love him more than I can ever express in words!

BRAVO: I love being back at work!  It feels so good to exercise my brain in non-mommy fashion and my co-workers are so supportive and encouraging.

BOO: Post-partum hair loss has set in and my bathroom/house is constantly covered in long, curly brunette hair.  Additionally, keeping the house clean/organized and looking after Urban Cowbaby is extremely challenging and I regularly fail to keep things up to my "usual" (Read: PRE-BABY) standards.

BRAVO: Urban Cowboy is the best father and husband EVER!  He is 1010% involved in every aspect of Urban Cowbaby's life and it's amazing to see them interact.  I'm a very lucky lady.

BOO: The kid does cause the parents to not like each other at times and sleep deprivation and stretched-to the-limits-nerves often lead to needless bad attitudes toward one another.  :-(

BRAVO: Life is different these days but, overall, life is different in a good way.

PS I'm going to try to be more regular about the blog updates from now on. 

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