Tuesday, August 04, 2009

7 weeks

I've been absent from my blog for awhile ... I have a good excuse - he's about 13ish pounds and cries a lot. LOL
The past 7 weeks have absolutely flown by! It's hard to believe that our little man was just born in June. He's already so big and he's already so strong and smart! He can hold his head up so well and doesn't seem to mind his tummy time unless his little neck gets tired, he cries then. He also recently figured out how to make his hand go to his mouth. It's adorable and helpful because with this skill he's also learning to self-soothe. We have had some success with getting him to sleep in his own bed. Each night is a gamble regarding if he'll sleep by himself. The past few nights he hasn't. Of course, if I'm completely honest, some nights he probably would have slept by himself in his bed but I selfishly missed him and wanted him back in bed with us. I know, I know, I'm a sucker for a cute little cuddly bundle. He's also recently begun to watch everything we do. He's studying us. I love it! When I talk to him we make eye contact and it's so full of love - both directions! He smiles at us now, too. Everyone said the smiles would make "it" all worthwhile and I couldn't believe them when they told me....now I've had the pleasure of his smile directed at me and everyone was right - it does seem to make "it" all worthwhile. His eyes have changed from a violet blue to a beautiful deep denim blue. I stare into his eyes for whole quarter hours. He's also become less fussy. Maybe it's because I am now only consuming minimal dairy (so tough for a dairy-loving girl like myself!) or maybe it's because he's finally figured out how to sleep more during the day or maybe it's because he's realized he can't go back in and he has to accept his life outside the womb. Whatever it is, it's made our lives so much easier and more enjoyable. Urban Cowboy is the truly the world's best father and the world's best husband. He is so patient and loving and giving. Regardless of the difficulty, he manages to always be the best! I'm so blessed to have such an amzing life partner! Urban Cowbaby still has lots of hair. Sections of it have fallen out leaving him with random bald patches on the sides of his head. They're very funny looking but I think they make him even cuter. You can see where the new hair is growing in and it's growing in blonde. His left eye had a clogged tear duct but it seems to be getting better most days. He has a horse voice which breaks my heart because it makes his cries seem even more desperate! I wonder what kind of voice he will have as he continues to get older? Last week he started using his voice for more than crying - he now coos and ahs us. He also does a baby version of the dog howl - hilarious - and some of his coos and ahs are reserved just for me. I call them his lovenotes and I revel in them. Each day is a new adventure and a new game with new rules ... I'm learning that I can handle it. It's a good feeling. At the end of every day I thank God for his blessing of my perfect family and our good fortune.

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