Saturday, June 27, 2009

Veronica Mars meet Urban Cowgirl

Yesterday was Urban Cowbaby's 14th day as an outside baby. He's not an easy, happy baby and he eats alot. He had a wellness check to make sure he's properly gaining weight and the doc is very pleased he's now up to 9lbs 6oz. I'm pleased too - even though I'm often frustrated by how little time I have between each time he eats. I usually have about an hour or less. Being a food machine and/or pacifier is very draining. The good news is I'm finally able to watch Veronica Mars from the beginning of the series and so much more makes sense to me now. Unfortunately, I only have through June 29 to finish watching the first season because then they're replacing it with the second season. I guess it's a good thing the kid eats as much as he does.

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