Friday, June 19, 2009

The new addition

Yesterday, Urban Cowbaby turned 1 week old. Already, the time is flying by so quickly and it's difficult to believe he has been an "outside" baby for 7 whole days! Right now, he's eating. In fact, when he's not sleeping he is pretty much always eating. I'm a little bit sad for Urban Cowboy because I was so excited to have Urban Cowbaby so Urban Cowboy and I could share him more equally. Regardless, Urban Cowboy is proving to be the best daddy in the world! He's truly amazing with the little one and together we're turning out to be a good team. It helps thst we're both head over heels in love wth our perfect little man.
If you're wondering how labor & delivery went ... let's just say it didn't work out the way I'd been envisioning it over the past 9 months and I'm not yet ready to talk about details. I'll only say this: in the end, all that matters is there is a healthy mom & a healthy baby.
We love to watch Urban Cowbaby. His face is so expressive and his eyes are so intelligent and alert. I love to watch him try to control his limbs and he likes to do this thing with his head/neck that makes him look like a turtle. He's adorable ... yes, I know I'm biased. LOL

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yllwdaisies said...

Oh, so delighted! & the health of you both is the most important thing, for sure! I can just imagine his face from the pics I'd seen. SO HAPPY!