Monday, February 16, 2009

What's Going On?

1 - I finished my wool dryer balls. No pics - I'm a tad embarrassed because I got a little carried away on the first one and made it much larger than I needed to/than recommended; consequently, I have 1 large and 2 small dryer balls. I think they'll still work ok and do the job but they won't be as pretty. :-)

2- Urban Cowboy and I registered for Urban Cowbaby this weekend. Well, for a lot of the stuff we're told we need anyway. We got to the feeding/nursing section and my brain totally froze and I was, like, nope - can't do this without my mom. Then we went to the clothes section because they say to register for a few necessary items like side-snap shirts and my brain totally froze there, too. I guess those two sections are the categories that necessitate mom help. :-)

3 - Urban Cowbaby's room is slowly getting cleared out and ready for painting. We worked on it for about 2.5 hours yesterday and we were able to throw a lot of stuff out or recycle a lot of paperwork! It was exciting to make a serious dent in this project AND tonight our friend is going to come by to pick up the desk we are getting rid of. It's an old computer desk that's still in good condition and we are happy it's going to a good home versus to the trash/curb.

4 - Urban Cowboy has been infected by my environmentalism (as limited as it is) and actually called the computer recycle donation center (ok, so maybe I gave him the link and maybe I asked him - sweetly - once or twice if he'd given it more thought). I'm hoping we'll have that old, clunky desktop out of our house within the next 2 weeks. We'll see, though, because the drop-off point is in a pretty rough neighborhood AND it's only during certain times. Keeping my fingers crossed for progress...

5 - Advice: when you do a major closet purge, keep one or two items that are bigger than you normally wear because you just never know when they'll come in handy. Example: over the weekend I found a pair of pants (non-maternity) in my closet that I totally forgot I own! I tried them on and they fit without any tricks (no tummy sleeve or rubber band!) and they're actually comfortable! Exciting! So, today, I'm wearing an outfit comprised entirely of non-maternity clothes. Ah! Life is good. (and this is after 2 weekends in a row of homemade chocolate mousse)

6 - We finally have a director appointed to our department! This is great news! She will not be able to transition to our office any sooner than April 15 but I really feel when she makes the transition our office will be a better place (and it's a great place now!). She is going to bring skill sets to our team to really help us build our external relationships. Additionally and selfishly, she's a working mom and her kids are pretty young (youngest is only, like, in kindergarten) so I think she'll be understanding of whatever I may go through as I return to work after my maternity leave ends.

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stephanie said...

so, i never knew you had a blog. i love it. but i really need to get to work so stop writing things. ;)
anyway, mom and i painted meatball's room last night and i don't like the color at all. It's "bonsai tint" from sherwin but it turned out more like "mint cream" which i hate. i hate creamy greens. i should have stuck with the sage that i was originally thinking, but we went "younger" with this, only it didn't come out the same color as it was on the card. And i hate it. Hopefully dark furniture and such will cure it because i'm not painting it again. But it makes me not happy. Remind me to tell you about our bedroom paint and the ickiness that we think we found. that room needs some serious cleansing!!!!