Monday, February 09, 2009

Wool Dryer Balls

I'm currently making a set of Wool Dryer Balls for myself. It's a multi-step process that involves sitting on the couch wrapping yarn around and around into a ball about 9-10 inches in diameter. (No pics yets since I'm only part-way done with the project!) I'm pretty excited about the project but I ran out of yarn so I need to make a trip to Jo-Ann's or Michael's for more. Lucky for me, I have a few coupons. Anyway, if you're wondering why I'm making a set of Wool Dryer Balls I'll tell you: I'd really like to completely eliminate dryer sheets from our laundry routine. In fact, when I do the laundry I do not use dryer sheets, I currently use a set of tennis balls for increased air circulation and I add a splash of white vinegar to the wash load to reduce static. But, Urban Cowboy does the majority of the laundry in our house and he likes to use the dryer sheets so I'm making life easier for him when I take away the dryer sheets completely and replace them with the wool dryer balls. Anyway, the reason to use wool dryer balls is to reduce static and to increase the air flow in the dryer to decrease drying time (increased energy savings). Also, dryer sheets contain really environmentally unfriendly chemicals and the process used to manufacture them is not clean, either. I figure now in our lives is a good time to really be serious about implementing changes in our lifestyles to impart on our expected child.

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Stephanie said...

good for you! i gave up dryer sheets about 10 years ago when i realized that THAT was the reason my skin itched all the time. They are horrible for you. Never heard of these wool dryer balls before. I use nothing, but it's a good idea to keep things fluffing so air can circulate in there. if you perfect it, you should make me one and i'll pay you for it. i'd try it myself, but there's no way i'd have any time in the next....oh....15 years or so. ;)