Monday, January 12, 2009

A Yipee and a Yikes!


My department is sending me to a professional development workshop in March! YIPEE! I am so excited for this! I've been pondering this workshop for almost a year, now, and I finally got the guts to ask if it is a possibility. I was a bit scared to ask before due to the leadership transition our office is currently in the midst of and also because our departmental budget is very tight. I wanted to ask before the baby was born, though, because I originally wanted to attend the November workshop to "prove" my continued dedication to my employer and career goals. Well, turns out the November date was the worst time I could have picked for Fall semester and my Interim Director asked if I would be willing to go earlier and then she suggested March! YIPEE! So, I will be attending a really dynamic and interesting (according to the description) workshop in sunny, warm Atlanta, GA while my NEO peeps are shivering in the cold and wishing for spring. Maybe, I've never been to Atlanta in March (outside of the airport), I will even see flowers blooming! OOooo! So excited, I am!


Disclaimer: this is totally trivial and silly...
I just realized that Urban Cowboy and I are going to produce a Gemini and that's the YIKES! All this time I've mistakenly had the dates mixed up in my head and I really believed we produced a Taurus. A Taurus, I thought, I could easily accept and I would just deal with the stubborn streak (zodiac sign or not, the kid's bound to have one hell of a stubborn streak since it is genetically half of each Urban Cowboy and I). A Gemini, I though, would be tough for me because of their ever shifting duality and lack of loyalty. (SIGH) Alas, I know there are many wonderful traits of Geminis and I'm not really worried about it. It was just a brief YIKES because I was so mentally already bonding with my little Taurus: a relaxed, loyal, and practical person. I've since switched gears and, beginning today, I am mentally bonding with our little Gemini: our future entertainer with a healthy curiosity and the ability to charm the pants off a snake. So, in the end the sign of the child is irrelevant because no matter what he/she will be an awesome little person! (I almost said perfect little person but realize the folly in stating that my child will be or is perfect - they are 1/2 me, you know)

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