Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Clutter Bug

It seems that no matter how I try I can never fully escape from The Clutter Bug. Everytime I turn around in my house or office I am confronted with clutter. Sometimes, I have things that just don't have a dedicated home. Sometimes, I have things that I'm just too lazy to put back in their proper place. Other times, Urban Cowboy and I are so busy during the week we barely have time to do anything more than simply run in and out of the house with what we need. I try to fight the good fight and get rid of the clutter but success perpetually alludes me. I'm a work in progress, I guess. One of the othe blogs I regularly read, SmallNotebook, recently wrote this blog post regarding her personal battle with clutter. I was completly struck by her observation that clutter's greatest weapon is it's ability to blend into the landscape and become something we simply cease to see. I find this is so true! I can go for weeks without even thinking about a particular stack of papers or books but then I will suddenly look around and see it and be so annoyed at it's presence! How was I not annoyed all the other times I glanced in its direction or the times I might have moved it over to make room for new clutter? So, 2009 seems like a good year to really work hard to become organized. In 4 months we're going to have to be organized not just for ourselves but also for Urban Cowbaby. It seems vitally important to me right now to begin my quest to a) get rid of the useless/unnecessary stuff and b) find a real home for the useful/necessary stuff. Maybe this attempt will really stick and I'll develop a positive lifelong habit.

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