Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I can't help myself

I have been exercising some serious self-restraint the past few days but I just can't keep it in anymore! My new laundry detergent arrived in the mail late last week which caused me to be very excited about doing the laundry this weekend. Me + excited for laundry = strange because typically I despise doing the laundry. In fact, Urban Cowboy shoulders the larger share of laundry doing duties because I generally dislike it so much. So, the new laundry detergent arrived and I couldn't wait to test it out which I did on Saturday. I am telling you now, this stuff is great! Why is it so great? Well, for starters, it's 100% environmentally friendly. Also, it's made without soap so there is no residue left on the laundry. Finally, it did something that the Purex Free & Clear (what we were previously using) couldn't do...It removed the Salvation Army smell from a load of laundry on the first wash! Whoa! In case you're wondering, I went shopping at the Salvi 'cause I needed some maternity clothes and buying maternity clothes brand new is really expensive! If you're interested in learning more about my laundry detergent or trying it for yourself, check out Crunchy Clean at Etsy.com.

Over the weekend Urban Cowboy and I went tv shopping. The tv we currently watch has recently started to add some funny lines to our regular programming and movie viewing and with the digital conversion coming up, we decided to take the plunge and just buy a new tv rather than fart around with a converter for a tv that may or may not last much longer. I think we have a tv picked but we're currently debating between 42" or 46". I think 46" is too big but Urban Cowboy really wants the 46". I don't know, the 46" is really big, especially for our family room space! Oh, and now the stupid governement is likely going to pass an extension for the digital conversion, from February to June, which I think is absolutely ridiculous! If they grant this extension, it opens the door for them to perpetually grant extensions and the nation will never really make the transition! Plus, I read that if the extension is granted it could really mess with PBS and their finances which makes me unhappy 'cause I watch PBS a lot and don't want their programming to be compromised!

Are you wondering if there is any new news regarding my pregnancy? The answer is not really. My pre-pregnancy clothes are getting a tad difficult to work with/around but I got a tummy sleeve from Motherhood Maternity and it's working pretty well to help me extend the life of my pre-pregnancy clothing. Specifically, I want to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy work cl0thes for as long as I can get away with it! At our last appointment the CPN "officially" diagnosed me with anemia so now Urban Cowboy and I are working to modify my diet to include more iron rich foods so I can avoid going on an iron supplement. Overall, I'm feeling great and have lots of energy. We are trying to continue to organize the house and keep things in order to start making space for the baby. It's strange how I simultaneously feel we have all the time in the world to complete various projects while also feeling very anxious over the reality of actually not having enough time at all!

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