Thursday, January 08, 2009

So bad for you cupcakes!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes...

1 box white cake mix (and the ingredients the box calls for, eggs, oil, etc)
1 tub white frosting
1 package of cookie dough in set circles
1 package of tube of cookie doughMake the box per instructions.
Place a little batter in the bottom of each cupPlace one pre set cookie circle in the middle of each cup. Top with more batter. Bake according to Box's instructions. Let cool. Mix cookie dough tube in with white icing (the ration depends on your taste preference, do you want to taste more icing or more cookie?) Ice Cupcakes. Take some leftover cookie dough and roll in into the smallest balls you've ever made and place in oven set on 350. Cook and watch VERY VERY closely! Once cooked and cooled place on top of cupcakes. ** Cupcakes should be refridgerated because there is raw cookie dough in the icing**
How ridiculous are these a diabetic induced heart attack just waiting to happen...yet they sound so incredibly yummy. I won't make them because I have been trying to be good about what I eat and how much 'cause I don't want to gain too much weight while I'm pregnant. Confession: I did have a brief affair with a yellow cake with chocolate icing last week - it was a delicious weakness but it's over now. (cue sappy 80's music - who sang that song "It's Over Now" - some rocker chick singing a ballad, I think?)
Ok, I'm off to eat my afternoon snack of unsalted pistachios. Yummy, not like cake yummy but still yummy, and good for you. :-)

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