Monday, December 15, 2008

Church & Survivor

Ordinarily, I love our pastor's sermons. She is usually very good at connecting the scripture, current events, and a relevant message. However, this is the first year our church has experienced her Advent messages and I have to say I've been very disappointed. In fact, yesterday I was actually irritated when I left church. For one thing, she doesn't follow the liturgical calendar readings. I don't mind this too much when it's not a "major" season but I mind very much when it's Christmas or Easter. She has not followed the Advent liturgy at all this year and yesterday we read the scripture that we're supposed to read ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I always believed the concept of Advent is to prepare for the birth of Christ so our hearts/minds are ready to be prepared for the death/rising of Christ at Easter. The Advent liturgical reading calendar is designed specifically to help us prepare for Christ's birth and she's IGNORING IT. For another thing, her sermons have not 1) connected the scripture to a relevant message about preparing for the birth of Christ and 2) have not really even connected to the concepts and beliefs of the Christmas season in general. Thank goodness the music is so great because if it weren't, I would seriously consider switching to Urban Cowboy's childhood church for the Advent season.

Urban Cowboy and I watch Survivor. Honestly, I used to not watch Survivor and it was just Urban Cowboy's thing (like OTH is just my thing) but I got sucked into the season Yule one and I have been watching ever since. This season started out pretty terrible but ended up getting good as it went on and last night was the season finale. I am not going to bore you with detail - I'm only going to comment on two people whom I hope google themselves and read what I've written about what I think of them:
Survivor Randy - you are foul, degenerate of a person. You have no respect for others and you treat people very poorly. You also have no respect for yourself based on what I've seen of how you treat others and I am uncertain how you are able to live with yourself at the end of each day. Your negativity is so great and so evil that even when you are at your best it is still most people's worst.
Survivor Corinne - you are a disease sent to blight the earth. I mean this most sincerely. If I were to name you as a disease, you would be the most horrible STD to ever be discovered in the history of the planet. You think being an evil bitch is more interesting than being "nice" and that people actually care to hear your thoughts or opinions about them. You're wrong. If you were smarter, possibly your bitchiness could be appreciated to some degree; however, because you are a half degree away from being a certifiable idiot, your bitchiness is not worth anyone's time or attention. The things you said to people over the course of the season were so vile that I'm surprised the producers did not remove you from the show. I am at a loss to understand how anyone could love you (including your parents) and am certain it is not possible for you to actually develop and maintain meaningful or lasting relationships (friendship or romantic).

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