Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Urban Cowboy is the BEST

I could have told you about this in my previous post but I decided to dedicate a post entirely to my amazing husband and his wonderful attributes. Urban Cowboy took such good care of me from the moment I left the surgery room. He has been patient, attentive, gentle, understanding, encouraging, and loving the entire time. He knows my medicine schedule and he is the reason I didn't have very bad swelling. He kept supplying me with ice packs at the appropriate times. He made me lots of soft foods and even made sure it was lukewarm like the instructions said. He bought me yummy ice cream and scooped more into my dish than his. Urban Cowboy even slept 3 miserable nights propped up on pillows so I didn't have to suffer through that terrible sleep position alone. He called family and emailed/texted friends to let them know how I was doing. When he worked from home on Thursday, he worked from bed so he wouldn't be far from me if I needed anything AND he listened to classical music all day because he knows that's what I like. Truly, if Urban Cowboy hadn't been there with me, I'm not sure the experience would have been as positive as it has been. He is the BEST husband EVER.

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