Tuesday, October 07, 2008

They're out!

I am now less wise as I am currently without all 4 of my wisdom teeth. The surgery part was a walk in the park and my face was completely numb for over 12 hours! In some respects, this was a good thing but in other respects, not feeling your face is a disadvantage...you know, like when you're trying to drink out of a glass? The recovery part was not as much fun, though. I followed all the rules because I was completely paranoid I would be afflicted with dry socket or some other terrible infection. Well, despite my rule-abiding ways I still had the unfortunate luck to develop dry socket - wait! - I don't have just ONE dry socket...nope, I have TWO! Both of my bottom jaw extraction sites developed dry socket. I was in a lot of pain on Saturday night but I thought it's because I over-exerted myself during the day. Sunday I just wasn't feeling right at all and by Sunday night I was in even more pain! I couldn't sleep. I had a blinding headache and double earaches. I was nauseous. It was terrible. So, to continue my paranoid ways I called the oral surgeon on Monday morning and ended up going in to see him on Monday afternoon. He delivered the bad news and the blessed remedy within in 5 minutes of each other and within a 1/2 hour I was feeling so much better! I slept last night, really slept and pain free, and am at work today (shhh, don't tell them I'm blogging). I'm still sore and the medicine is still packed in the extraction sites and will be removed tomorrow when I go back to the doctor's but I'm feeling so much better than I was on Saturday or Sunday! Apparently, women get dry socket much more than men do. It's something to do with our hormone levels and collagen production. So, even though I followed all the rules it still just happened to me. (SIGH) I do have to say this: I'm STARVING! Due to the stupid dry socket I have to continue with my diet of primarily liquid foods and they do not fill me up. I have eaten more soup, applesauce, pudding, mashed potatoes, and yogurt in the past 5 days than I care to think about! I have eaten so much of all that I don't even want to know how much so I won't go crazy with the knowledge! I also feel like a walking salt lick because Urban Cowboy and I do not eat a lot of processed foods and even the healthy choice soup has waaaaay more sodium in it than I normally consume in my day-to-day eating. Overall, I'm glad they're out and I'm done with this small chapter in my life but I sure do wish it had come and gone without being more than a blip on my radar.

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