Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is it because I'm old?

I generally consider myself a fairly healthy individual. I don't need to see the doctor very often and I don't seem to get colds or the flu too much. That said, I can't understand why these stupid gaping holes in the back of my mouth refuse to heal! Seriously - why is it that I will have gone in to see the oral surgeon TWICE today and why did I develop dry socket in the first place? I'm really pissed off about this. I'm tired of being in pain! I'm tired of waiting in the doctor's office for my turn. I'm tired of taking pain pills (advil, people) and tired of eating soft foods. I'm tired of my body being tired from fighting this infection! I want to go running, I want to eat a salad, I want to drink hot tea! I WANT A GLASS OF WINE (or 2)!! (SIGH) So, off I go to see the oral surgeon again and I'm hoping he will make me feel better because I don't want to cancel my scheduled student appointments tonight and I want to meet the girls out after work for a bit of fun time.

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