Friday, August 08, 2008

Fall Fashion

Do you have a magazine addiction? I have almost broke myself of mine but sometimes I still stray to the dark side. Sometimes I still break down and buy a magazine at regular newstand price. New magazines make me happy, though, I just can't help it! Anyway, yesterday I was talking with some girls on line and some girls at work and two things came up: 1) I guess the UK is really embracing the return to the '80s look complete with leggings with everything, legwarmers, & scrunchies and 2) shoulder pads are set to make a comeback in Fall '08. Ugh to both those trends! Upon hearing both of these fashion news bytes I immediately wished for a '50s comeback. I thought to myself, "why, oh why, can't we bring back the sophistication and celebration of womanly curves as best showcased in 1950s fashion?" Well, kids, ask and you will receive because according to my brand new Glamour magazine (which I broke down and bought last night due to a long grocery check-out line), the sophistication and curve celebration of the 50s is back! YESSS! The key is to make sure it looks new, to go too vintage will be a fashion faux paux. Oh, and, another thing...below the knee and mid-calf length skirts/dresses are back in a big way. Well, duh. I've been way ahead on this trend and wearing many of my skirts like this for about 2 years now. It's comfy and I look cute. Another great thing they're bringing back (they tried real hard last season but it didn't catch on too well)? Bell-shaped jackets. I'm pretty excited by this, too, but debating if it's too trendy and I don't want to spend a lot of money (and they're pretty expensive!) on a jacket that is going to be dated in one season. I'm keeping my eye on this trend. I may just go with a classic trench. Your thoughts?

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yllwdaisies said...

Sometimes I do see trendy things that I've gotta have, cause I just dig it so much. For those instances, I go to a cheapy store. Like a Dots, Charlotte Russe, or Rave-type of store. The quality of the clothes/fabric isn't there, so it won't last as long as most clothes do. (I have clothes forever!)

But you get the satisfaction of getting that thing you really want w/out the guilt!